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Doctor Robert, The Beatles Tribute

Doctor Robert, The Beatles tribute from Crested Butte, Colorado, has been off for a few weeks due to a family emergency. We look forward to bringing our modern version of Beatles covers to The Ritz Grill in Colorado Springs on Friday, August 24th at 8:30. We appreciate everyone’s support around Colorado over the past two years, and love to see familiar faces. We called ourselves Doctor Robert, which is track #11 on Revolver. Some people call us Dr. Robert, some call us Doctor Roberts, some call us Dr. Roberts, some call us DocRob. We think of it as a tribute band from Crested Butte, CO, but some call us a Beatles cover band. We’re just happy that so many call us any of the above, so keep the nicknames coming.

Here’s a few videos from August 3rd at a private party in Aspen. These songs rarely make an appearance in Doctor Robert’s live performances but are just as fun to perform as the rest.

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Weekend Gigs

What a great weekend for The Doctor. Our first trip to Colorado Springs to play The Ritz Grill was as fun as we could have hoped, and we got to see a lot of good friends enjoying the music. Nancy’s surprise party at Rueben’s was a blast too. She had no idea there would be a full house with friends and family, and Doctor Robert ready to play “Birthday
as soon as she walked in. Truly a treat to play for some of our best local fans.

Thanks everyone for coming out this weekend. We’re off until 2/10 at The Tomichi Tavern in Gunnison and 2/11 in Lake City for the Balloon Fest and Beach Party.

Here’s a few live takes from 1/29/12 at Rueben’s.  Please forgive the crowd noise, it’s hard to stop folks from enjoying themselves:

Paper Back Writer

Baby You’re a Rich Man (with “Blue Sky” teases)

I’m Only Sleeping

Love Me Do turns 50

“LOVE ME DO” (Paul McCartney – John Lennon)

The recording of “Love Me Do” truns 50 years old in 2012. We’ll be performing at The Ritz in Downtown Colorado Springs this Saturday, January 28th to celebrate 50 years of this classic Beatles hit. Music starts at 9:30, prizes for best early and best psychelelic Beatles outfits.

Here’s some history of “Love Me Do”

There have been a great deal of songs recorded by the Beatles that can be viewed as “hits” or “classics”, but only a handful that can truly be viewed as “legendary.” “Love Me Do” surely falls into this category. This was the first song professionally recorded and released under the “Beatles” name, which excludes any “Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers” recordings. It was also the first Lennon/McCartney song (or as indicated on the label, McCartney/Lennon) ever to be published and released. And it was the first song released (in Britain) with the complete Beatles line-up as we’ve come to know and love: Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr.

There are varied opinions about the song, even by the composers, but the one thing that is beyond debate is the vibrancy and originality of the track. Upon first hearing the song on the radio in the United States in May 1964, being that we were already acquainted with the Beatles’ unique sound, we just viewed this as another great new contribution from the band. It was quite another picture in the UK. This was the first song heard of this new band by British radio listeners as a whole. Imagine what your impression would have been if this was the first song you ever heard by the Beatles. It might have been the same impression that Lennon’s Aunt Mimi had when she first heard a demonstration disc of the song. She told John, “If you think you’re going to make a fortune with that, you’ve got another thing coming!”

Nonetheless, the identifiable Beatle harmonies and simple-but-catchy lyrics make “Love Me Do” an irresistible favorite for lovers of oldies music. Hardly anyone at any age can keep themselves from singing along. And that is something that any aspiring songwriter only dreams to be able to create.

New Recordings from The Trough

Thanks to everyone who came out during last nights dump. We had a great time at The Trough, here’s a few recordings from the evening.

1. Our first live “It Won’t Be Long”

It Won’t Be Long (1 21 12)

2. Our first live “I Want You”

I Want You (1 21 12)

3. And our third time playing “Nowhere Man”

Nowhere Man (1 21 12)

4. And a regular in our rotation, with extended jam to finish the night, “Come Together”

Come Together (1 21 12)

Thanks for a really fun show and come see us again!

Upcoming Shows

Come out to The Trough in Gunnison tonight from 8-11 to celebrate birthdays and abundant snowfall with the good Doctor.

Colorado Springs fans can see us for our first visit to the area at The Ritz Grill on 1/28 starting at 9:30. Costume contest night, with prizes for best psychedelic and best early Beatles outfits. 15 S. Tejon in Colorado Springs, music is free.

Check our shows page for more upcoming events.

“It Won’t Be Long” songwriting history

Here’s a bit of interesting facts about our newest Beatles cover, “It Won’t Be Long,” the first track off their second album “With The Beatles.” Check out for some great Beatles songwriting history.

In July of 1963, shortly after the song “She Loves You” was recorded, John Lennon’s wheels were turning as to what would be the follow up single. He came up with the chorus of a new song that utilized the repeating of the word “yeah” as “She Loves You” had done, figuring that their fans would latch on to that gimmick once that fourth British single was released. His ‘sixth sense’ was correct, as the phrase “yeah, yeah, yeah” became the catchword phrase in the autumn of 1963.

Contained in the chorus of this new song was a ‘play on words’ that both Lennon and McCartney liked to throw in to their lyrics to make things interesting. The song “Please Please Me” contained the double use of the word “please,” using it as a request and then an action. In this case, Lennon used the phrase “be long” specifying an amount of time, with “belong” as to ownership. McCartney explained this interest in word play, “I was doing literature at school, so I was interested in plays on words and onomatopoeia. John didn’t do literature but he was quite well read, so he was interested in that kind of thing.” Concerning this song, Paul relates “we both liked to try and get a bit of double meaning in, so that was the high spot of writing that particular song.”

New Songs

While Karen is in Hawaii hanging out on the beach under coconut trees, Casey, Ben, and Kevin have been working on some new material. “It Won’t Be Long” from With The Beatles, “Mother Nature’s Son” from The White Album, and “I Want You (She’s So Heavy) from Abbey Road are making their way into our songlist which is now at 95. We’ll be at 100 before long.

New gigs

Doctor Robert returns to Tomichi Tavern on 2/10, starting at 9:30. It’s been one of our best venues so far, spread the word and hopefully we’ll see you there. We confirmed our first few weddings of the year, first one is at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on 6/30, then another at Uley’s Cabin on CBMR 7/7. Wedding receptions and Beatles music are a great combination.

New website

New website being built, check back for changes and updates.