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Doctor Robert, Colorado Beatles Tribute

Doctor Robert performed for the second time this winter at Crested Butte Mountain Resort, to a packed house at Butte 66. Every show seems to get better for us at this base area venue, and we want to thank all the locals and visitors for making it such a great day of Beatles music. This may have broken the record for number of dancers in ski/snowboard boots, as the enthusiasm was quite high last Saturday. As usual, we played a setlist that mixed crowd favorites with rare “deep” tracks. Here are a handful of recordings from the show:

While My Guitar Gently Weeps –> Hey Bulldog –> Get Back –> Back in the USSR –> Dear Prudence
Act Naturally
And Your Bird Can Sing
All Together Now
I Am The Walrus
Here Comes The Sun
Let It Be
I’m Looking Through You
I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
Eleanor Rigby
Drive My Car
The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
Think For Yourself –> The Word
Ballad of John and Yoko
Doctor Robert –> Good Day Sunshine
Come Together
She Loves You
All My Loving
Paperback Writer
Nowhere Man

Durango Summit, Ska Brewing, Dolores River Brewery

On our way home from our Durango and Dolores shows this past weekend, we found ourselves asking “Did that all really just happen?” Wow, what an amazing three shows in southwest Colorado, starting in Durango at The Summit on January 30th and Ska Brewing on January 31st, then heading to Dolores River Brewery (DRB) on February 2nd. We can’t remember three shows in a row with such welcoming fans, the enthusiasm for Doctor Robert was through the roof at all three shows. Thanks so much to all the great people that made the weekend such a great success, especially Eugene and Scottie from The Summit, Holly from Ska, and Mark from DRB. So much good energy was captured in our recordings from each night, so we’ll start with some from 1/30 at The Summit:

Get Back Second set opener, jamming to “Blondie” as we started “Get Back.”
Paperback Writer — Taxman A rare extended jam of “Paperback Writer,” which blended nicely into “Taxman.”
I’ve Just Seen a Face Possibly the peak of crowd enthusiasm, people LOVE to sing along with this one.
I Want You — Back in the USSR
It Won’t Be Long
All My Loving
Come Together Our longest song to date, almost 16 minutes with some fun twists and turns.
With a Little Help From My Friends Always a fun one at the end of the night.
Got To Get You Into My Life
Helter Skelter — Day Tripper

The following evening, we played 140 minutes straight at Ska Brewing. This show was all ages, and brought out some huge Beatles fans anywhere from two years old to 83 years old. Elvis even made an appearance. Here are a handful of tracks from Ska:

Yellow Submarine This was requested by the three youngest fans in the room. At the end of the song, Karen invited them up to help finish out the chorus a bunch of times.
You Can’t Do That
One After 909 One of the “deep tracks” that is really fun to play every time.
Norwegian Wood
Let it Be This was requested several times, Karen does a great job with this one.
Get Back
Come Together
Back in the USSR — Dear Prudence The first notes of “Dear Prudence” always get a great reaction.

We finished out the weekend at Dolores River Brewery, with possibly the most enthusiastic crowd we’ve ever played for. The bar was packed from the beginning, and everyone danced and sang along the entire night. We look forward to returning to DRB this summer and playing the outside stage. Here’s a bunch of tracks:

Taxman — Drive My Car
Two of Us
Wild Honey Pie — Why Don’t We Do It In The Road We love the random “deep tracks,” fortunately so do Beatles fans.
Revolution — Get Back Love the help with the scream in the beginning of “Revolution.”
What Goes On
Strawberry Fields Forever — I Am The Walrus Fun transition between two psychedelic tracks.
Please Please Me It was great to see the fans in back on their chairs dancing and singing to this early classic.
Ob La Di Ob La Da One of the most popular songs we play, it usually brings everyone out to dance.
Wait A rare appearance of this “Rubber Soul” cut.
Tell Me Why
Rain Someone requested a psychedelic song, and this was our answer.
Mean Mr. Mustard — Polythene Pam — She Came in Through the Bathroom Window Each song in this “Abbey Road” trilogy built up momentum.
Lady Madonna
If I Needed Someone — Run For Your Life
I Want to Hold Your Hand More great crowd participation on this version.
I Saw Her Standing There Great “alternative rock” intro after Casey forgot to tune up after “Dear Prudence.”
I Feel Fine
Doctor Robert This one often gets no reaction, but many people knew this one in Dolores.
Can’t Buy Me Love
A Hard Day’s Night — Eight Days a Week These two are always crowd favorites.
While My Guitar Gently Weeps Second set closer, always a good blowout for Doctor Robert and the crowd.
Yellow Submarine First encore. After the crowd started singing it for us, how could we not play it. This was the weekend of “Yellow Submarine,” we’ve never had so much fun playing this one.
Hey Jude Second encore, great sing-a-long.
A Day in the Life Our third encore.
Yesterday First time played! The original recording used a guitar tuned down a full step. Our guitar has regular tuning, which makes singing this song pretty hard at the end of the night.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make such a memorable weekend for Doctor Robert, The Beatles Tribute from Crested Butte, Colorado. We look forward to getting back to all three venues this summer.

Two Years of Doctor Robert

Our first official gig, DoctoberFest on 10/16/10 at Rainbow Park in Crested Butte.

Our first official gig, DoctoberFest on 10/16/10 in Rainbow Park in Crested Butte.

October marked the official two-year anniversary of Doctor Robert as a full band, and 101 songs into the project, we’re all as enthused as we were at the beginning (if not more)! The music of the Beatles is so diverse, so complex, and so inspiring we can’t wait to get into more.

The Doctor Robert Beatles tribute band has truly been an amazing experience. We can honestly say there hasn’t been a gig where people didn’t approach us to say how much they enjoyed the show. We’ve met some great people, learned a ton, and seen a lot. There have been conga lines, circle dancing, two stepping, breakdance moves, raised-arm tunnels, some crazy costumes, and even a somersault and a worm on the dance floor. There have been people in wheelchairs and walkers, toddlers wearing nothing but diapers, newlyweds, birthday celebrants, and basically just folks of every age, size and background dancing and purely enjoying this music. Doctor Robert has been hired to play fundraisers for causes as varied as a children’s museum to a college wrestling team. We’ve played venues from dive bars to the Museum of Natural History and Science in Denver. We’ve performed for amazing couples for their weddings throughout Colorado. We’ve survived colds, laryngitis, allergies, a trailer tire blowout, a family tragedy, some pretty interesting sleeping arrangements, a chopped-off fingertip, salmonella, and more to still play shows that elicit nothing but compliments. We’ve all tried our hand at instruments we’d never really played, harmonies we weren’t sure we could master…learning all the while!

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has come out to support the Doctor Robert project, and we look forward to more good times to come. Since the Beatles only toured until 1966 (stopping well before they’d written much of their catalogue) we’re honored to do our part in keeping this music alive, and share it with y’all! As always, THANK YOU!

All the best,
Doctor Robert
Casey, Ben, Kevin, Karen

Gunnison Oktoberfest

Thanks to The Gunnison Bank and Trust for hosting the 21st annual Oktoberfest, a great community event in downtown Gunnison. The Pete Dunda Polka Band, which has played every Oktoberfest since it’s beginning, had a previous engagement and wasn’t able to perform this year. Doctor Robert, The Beatles tribute band from Crested Butte, Colorado, was happy to fill the spot, playing over two hours of Beatles music for the festivities. Folks of all ages seemed to enjoy our version of Beatles music, and we sure had a great time playing on such a perfect fall afternoon.

Beatles music is difficult to perform if the voice is impaired, as every song is driven by heavy vocals. Despite a three-week bout with laryngitis, Karen was able to play her fourth show since her throat issues began.

We debuted two songs for Gunnison, finishing out the afternoon with “A Day in the Life” from 1967’s “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” Here’s a recording of our version from that day:
A Day in the Life

Our second debut featured Mr. Ben Wright on his first lead vocals with Doctor Robert. After two years and 100 songs into this project, Ben came out strong with a stellar version of “Act Naturally” from 1965’s “Help!” album. Here’s our version:
Act Naturally

Dr. Robert also played a few songs that rarely make an appearance at our shows:
I’m a Loser
Bungalow Bill
All Together Now
Got to Get You Into My Life
Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey

We love acoustic Beatles too:
Here Comes the Sun
I’m Only Sleeping
I’ve Just Seen a Face
Love Me Do
Norwegian Wood
Two of Us
You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away

And of course no Doctor Robert Beatles Tribute show is complete without some electrified rock n’ roll:
All My Loving
Baby You’re a Rich Man
Back in the USSR
Can’t Buy Me Love
Day Tripper
Drive My Car
Get Back
I Feel Fine
I Saw Her Standing There
I Shoulda Known Better
I Want to Hold Your Hand
Money (That’s What I Want)
Penny Lane
Please Please Me
She Loves You
Tell Me Why
What Goes On
With a Little Help From My Friends

Telluride, Lake City, Del Norte

Doctor Robert, The Beatles Tribute from Crested Butte, Colorado, had it’s first three-night run since May this past weekend. Thanks to everyone that came out in Telluride, Lake City, and Del Norte to see some of their favorite Beatles music played by Dr. Robert. Though we were tested by some band members being “under the weather,” we rallied for three great shows and had a fun time despite the ailing voices. Not only were the shows a great time, but the road trip through southern Colorado was spectacular with all the aspen leaves changing to gold, red, and orange. What an amazing time of year to tour through the Colorado Rocky Mountains to play Beatles covers.

We started at the Telluride Conference Center on Thursday, playing an amazing room with some very enthusiastic dancers. We had our first “runner” who was making laps around the room, even sliding across the carpet with his socks on. Thanks to Tony with Cadence Hospitality for putting in all the effort for promoting this last-minute show. Thanks also to the event and wedding planners that made it out for the show, we’re lucky to be playing several Colorado weddings this year and next.

Friday night brought us back to Lake City to play our second show at The Depot Saloon. This night really proved that Lake City folks really don’t hold back, and love to have a good time. We played 55 songs from 8 to midnight, possibly the most songs we’ve played in any one night so far. Thanks to John at Depot Saloon for always being so accommodating, he’s a big part of this small town vibe and the packed house helped make us feel at home.

Saturday was our second show at Wildwood Sounds in Del Norte. Once again, a packed house brought great enthusiasm and appreciation for Doctor Robert’s Beatles Tribute. Stephen and Konnie sure have created a great little room in this small town for live music. As it turned out, this may have been the first time Wildwood had an entire room of dancers. It started with just a few early on, but by “I Saw Her Standing There” in our third set, the whole place was on their feet. Thanks again to everyone at Wildwood, we really appreciate the support.

Here’s a few video clips from Wildwood, sorry the camera angle got bumped and Ben on the drums isn’t very visible:

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