About Doctor Robert

Unlike any Beatles tribute band you’ve ever seen, Doctor Robert marks a new generation of tribute bands, bringing a thoroughly modern sound and feel to the Fab Four’s classics. The band is quickly becoming respected for its extended, high-energy sets including everything from “Please Please Me” to “Abbey Road,” and because no two shows are ever the same. Dressed in mod-Beatles circa 1964, Doctor Robert relishes the challenge of recreating even the most demanding musical compositions in a live setting, often improvising during the performance. Like the quintessential Beatles tribute band, The Fab Faux, Doctor Robert does not attempt to impersonate the Beatles. For Ben Wright, Karen Janssen, Casey Falter, and Kevin Reinert, it’s all about the music and the infectious energy created when Beatles fans come together.

The Beatles wrote the most game-changing collection of music in the history of rock and roll.  With over 200 songs written and recorded, their extensive, far-reaching influence is undeniable. Doctor Robert has a current live rotation of 110 Beatles classics, and each show is catered to the audience and venue. The members of Doctor Robert come from musical backgrounds covering everything from jazz to bluegrass to funk to classical; and their diverse musical tastes and experiences combine to inspire their interpretations of The Beatles’ music.

Karen Janssen observes, “it has been amazing to watch people of all ages and backgrounds at our shows, singing and dancing to familiar songs they love. You know you’ve ‘struck the right chord’ when grandmas and grandpas are kicking up their heels right next to groups of jumping toddlers, or when the serious guy at the back table is smiling and singing along from the first note we play to the last. We feel strongly about helping keep the spirit of such wonderful music alive.”

Kevin Reinert adds, “We’re not just another Beatles cover band. We wanted to break the mold of the typical Tribute act and bring a fresh and modern interpretation of the greatest pop music ever written. We’re extrememly happy to play all Beatles music night after night, on a big night we’ll play for four or five hours. The music is incredibly diverse and so much fun, we absolutely love to play this music and audience reactions are overwhelming. The Beatles only performed live during their early career. Once they became a world-wide phenomenon, they only played 30 minute sets that could hardly be heard over the screams of adoring fans. We like the idea of playing the music as a touring band would, with extended sets that change for every show. There are just too many great songs that never saw the chance for live performance.”

Whether the event is a wedding, private party, corporate party, club gig, or outdoor festival, it’s great fun with Doctor Robert on the stage.

CASEY FALTER (guitar, vocals)

BEN WRIGHT (drums)

KAREN JANSSEN (vocals, percussion, guitar, mandolin, piano, bass)

KEVIN REINERT (bass, guitar, vocals)

  1. Congrats on all your successes and accolades on your band. Would love to hear you play.
    Keep watching your schedule to see if I can catch one of your concerts.
    Dick passed away about a month ago. Some of his best days were coming up to Crested
    Butte every summer, staying at the wonderful Elizabeth Anne with your warm hospitality,
    fishing, hiking, and eating those fabulous breakfasts. they were great times and you made
    them possible for us. Now you’re on to a new career which sounds as if it will be even more
    successful and something you’ll love doing. Best wishes to you and to Denise. ginny benner

  2. Just saw your awesome show for the first time at The Radio Room, in Grand Junction. You all are great musicians. Looking forward to catching your show again.

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