Crested Butte Nordic Center

Doctor Robert performed two sets of Beatles music for the Crested Butte Nordic Center’s end-of-season party last week at Montanya Rum Distillery. Playing music in the old Powerhouse building with The Still as our backdrop: the copper pot, lentil, condenser, and many other components that produce the amazing rum at Montanya’s. Thanks to the Crested Butte Nordic Center for having us! This party was a “thank you” to the 500 season pass holders, the 300 Grand Traverse atheletes, and the volunteers that make everything come together so smoothly each year. This was the 26th year for the Nordic Center, and the 16th annual Elk Mountains Grand Traverse.

Our dear friend and expert with a camera, Xavier Fane (, took some great photos of the evening, posted below. We also had local film crew, Two Plank Productions, taking some video of the show. Look for video footage in the coming weeks on our website. As always, we recorded the night of Beatles music. We played our first version of George Harrison’s “Something” from Abbey Road, as well as a tease of the ending to “You Never Give Me Your Money” also from Abbey Road. Check for the links below Xavier’s photos.

"It's Such a Feeling that My Love, I Can't Hide..."

"Get back, Jo Jo"

"Catch you with another man, that's the end, little girl"

"Still my guitar gently weeps..."

Montanya Rum Distillery

"Looking up, I noticed I was late..."

Montanya Rum Distillery

"Gonna try with a little help from my friends"

Montanya Rum Distillery

Montanya Rum Distillery

And here are two recordings from the night, both first time performed by Doctor Robert, The Colorado Beatles Tribute:

Birthday –> You Never Give Me Your Money (jam)

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