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Elk Avenue Photo Shoot

A special THANK YOU goes out to Xavier Fane ( for taking some amazing photos of Doctor Robert a few weeks back.  We all met on Elk Avenue in downtown Crested Butte on a beautiful spring afternoon, the only idea we had was the “Abbey Road” crossing.  Some great ideas came out of the photo shoot, and the lighting was perfect for what we did.  Here’s some of the good shots that came out of it.  (Don’t forget to check out the “Shows” page to see an updated performance schedule):

Fort Collins and Longmont

We finished our winter/spring shows as far from home as we’ve traveled so far.  Avogadro’s Number in Fort Collins was a great time, we even had a few great friends help with our setlist which added a new twist.  What a cool room to play in, looks like we’ll be back there on Sunday, August 19th to play the outdoor stage.  Looking forward to getting back to Fort Collins, what a cool town.  The following night we made our way to Longmont to play Oskar Blues.  Another really fun night with great sound.  Hoping to get back to Longmont, or even Lyons, to play Oskar Blues again.  Thanks to everyone that came out and checked out Doctor Robert, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun without the overwhelming support we get with each performance.  We’re off until mid-May, but keep checking our “shows” page for updated gigs.

Here’s some audio from Oskar Blues 3/30/12:

Mean Mr. Mustard Trilogy

Two of Us

Paperback Writer (with rare extended jam)

It Won’t Be Long – Get Back

I Feel Fine


Hello Goodbye


Ob La Di Ob La Da

With a Little Help From My Friends

Norwegian Wood


Please Please Me

Come Together

Tell Me Why

The Night Before

You Can’t Do That


Thanks again for all the support, we’ll see you at the next one.  Have a great April!

Ben, Karen, Casey, Kevin