Alamosa and Montrose

Another great weekend for The Doctor in the mountains of Colorado.  Friday we drove through some snow to play in Alamosa at San Luis Brewing Company.  This weekend was their 6th anniversary party and it was packed before we even started.  We were happy to see so many people out to see Beatles music.  Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about this show.  There were several folks from our show at Wildwood a few weeks back that came out and brought friends and family.  Here’s a few audio clips from Friday in Alamosa:

1.  Paperback Writer (3/2/12)  This one is really fun to play, with fuzz bass and all.

2.  Revolution (3/2/12)  Our first live “Revolution.”  We were pretty happy with the result as we’ve only practiced it a handful of times.

3.  Come Together (3/2/12)  This was our first set closer.   People really LOVE this song.

4.  Strawberry Fields Forever –> Hey Bulldog (3/2/12)  Two classic psychedelic Beatles songs with the Strawberry Jam.

5.  Rain (3/2/12)  A rare Doctor Robert live performance.  More fuzz bass!

6.  Helter Skelter Jam (3/2/12)  Our jamband ending of “Helter Skelter.”

7.  Eleanor Rigby (3/2/12)  Ben has been working on the strings section of this classic Revolver song for a few weeks.  We decided to practice after the encore at SLV Brewing Company.  This is a clip of the second verse plus chorus.

Saturday night we played our first Montrose show at RnR Sportsbar downtown.  This was another fun show, with another great turnout of true Beatles fanatics.  There are many levels of Beatles fans, and even the most “academic” fans have been appreciating our tribute to the greatest band ever.  Here’s a video of “Baby You’re a Rich Man” in the second set.  The crowd noise is a little loud, but the solo/jam section got people’s attention:

This video doesn’t exist

Here’s a video of “Hey Bulldog” from the Yellow Submarine album:

This video doesn’t exist

Thanks again to everyone for coming out to see Doctor Robert this last weekend.  Our next gigs are three spring break apres ski gigs in a row.  3/15 at Butte 66 at Crested Butte Mountain Resort, 3/16 at Sneaky’s Tavern at Snowmass Village base area, and 3/17 we return to Highlands Pizza Company at the Aspen Highlands base area.  All shows should start by 3:00 and are free.

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