Monthly Archives: February 2012

Salida, Del Norte, Crested Butte

What a great weekend for the Doctor. Three gigs in a row with three very different, but great energy.

Thanks to Ron at Hippie Radio Saida for throwing a great anniversary party and inviting us to play at Tenderfoot Tavern. This was the rowdy gig of the weekend, with plenty of people enjoying the music and the bar. We were only hired to play until 11:30, but went until 1:00 after the bar owners helped the cause.

Wildwood Sounds in Del Norte was our Saturday night gig. Who would have thought this would turn out to be one of our best gigs to date. A very small community that loves good music, and every one in the audience know The Beatles. As much as we appreciate the nights were everyone is dancing, there is something unique about a small, intimate setting with people listening to every note being played. When we booked the gig, Steve only asked that we play a minimum of two 45-minute sets. We have a hard time keeping it that limited, so we played three 75 minutes sets instead. We gave everyone a chance to leave with two setbreaks, but very few left until we were done at 11:30. Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the show, we’re excited to come back, possibly in September.

Butte 66 was our Sunday gig at Crested Butte Mountain Resort for apres ski. We arrived to a packed house full of holiday weekend skiers. This was our first gig with the ski area, and it’s hard to imagine it being much better. This was a special show since it was all ages, and several kids were enjoying the music along with their parents and grandparents. These are the performances that make us realize how timeless The Beatles music is. Three generations dancing and singing along to familiar songs, some even in their ski boots. A special appearance by original keyboardist Amanda Cooke for “Lady Madonna,” “Baby You’re a Rich Man,” and “Good Day Sunshine” made for another great treat.

We have lots of new videos up from Saturday night in Del Norte on our video page. Video quality isn’t the greatest but the audio and energy are great. Thanks again to anyone who came out to visit The Doctor this weekend, and spread the word and bring lots of friends next time we’re in your neighborhood. Next gigs are 3/2 at San Luis Valley Brewing Company in Alamosa and 3/3 at RnR Sportsbar in Montrose.

Gunnison and Lake City

Thanks to everyone that came out to see us this weekend! We’re all very overwhelmed by how many people enjoy our shows. You can say it’s a “win-win” situation, because we love playing Beatles music.

We saw a lot of our regular crew in Gunnison at Tomichi Tavern, as well as new faces. The new owner, Patrick, is hoping to get more music through there, so that’s good news for bands hoping to play live in Gunnison.

Lake City is up there with the funnest crowds we’ve played for. From the beginning until the end, about 65 songs, folks were singing and dancing like few other places we’ve seen. We look forward to our next trip to The Depot Saloon.

We have some clips on our video page from Saturday night in Lake City. Thanks again to everyone that enjoys Doctor Robert.