Love Me Do turns 50

“LOVE ME DO” (Paul McCartney – John Lennon)

The recording of “Love Me Do” truns 50 years old in 2012. We’ll be performing at The Ritz in Downtown Colorado Springs this Saturday, January 28th to celebrate 50 years of this classic Beatles hit. Music starts at 9:30, prizes for best early and best psychelelic Beatles outfits.

Here’s some history of “Love Me Do”

There have been a great deal of songs recorded by the Beatles that can be viewed as “hits” or “classics”, but only a handful that can truly be viewed as “legendary.” “Love Me Do” surely falls into this category. This was the first song professionally recorded and released under the “Beatles” name, which excludes any “Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers” recordings. It was also the first Lennon/McCartney song (or as indicated on the label, McCartney/Lennon) ever to be published and released. And it was the first song released (in Britain) with the complete Beatles line-up as we’ve come to know and love: Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr.

There are varied opinions about the song, even by the composers, but the one thing that is beyond debate is the vibrancy and originality of the track. Upon first hearing the song on the radio in the United States in May 1964, being that we were already acquainted with the Beatles’ unique sound, we just viewed this as another great new contribution from the band. It was quite another picture in the UK. This was the first song heard of this new band by British radio listeners as a whole. Imagine what your impression would have been if this was the first song you ever heard by the Beatles. It might have been the same impression that Lennon’s Aunt Mimi had when she first heard a demonstration disc of the song. She told John, “If you think you’re going to make a fortune with that, you’ve got another thing coming!”

Nonetheless, the identifiable Beatle harmonies and simple-but-catchy lyrics make “Love Me Do” an irresistible favorite for lovers of oldies music. Hardly anyone at any age can keep themselves from singing along. And that is something that any aspiring songwriter only dreams to be able to create.

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