“It Won’t Be Long” songwriting history

Here’s a bit of interesting facts about our newest Beatles cover, “It Won’t Be Long,” the first track off their second album “With The Beatles.” Check out http://www.BeatlesEBooks.com for some great Beatles songwriting history.

In July of 1963, shortly after the song “She Loves You” was recorded, John Lennon’s wheels were turning as to what would be the follow up single. He came up with the chorus of a new song that utilized the repeating of the word “yeah” as “She Loves You” had done, figuring that their fans would latch on to that gimmick once that fourth British single was released. His ‘sixth sense’ was correct, as the phrase “yeah, yeah, yeah” became the catchword phrase in the autumn of 1963.

Contained in the chorus of this new song was a ‘play on words’ that both Lennon and McCartney liked to throw in to their lyrics to make things interesting. The song “Please Please Me” contained the double use of the word “please,” using it as a request and then an action. In this case, Lennon used the phrase “be long” specifying an amount of time, with “belong” as to ownership. McCartney explained this interest in word play, “I was doing literature at school, so I was interested in plays on words and onomatopoeia. John didn’t do literature but he was quite well read, so he was interested in that kind of thing.” Concerning this song, Paul relates “we both liked to try and get a bit of double meaning in, so that was the high spot of writing that particular song.”

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